Privacy Policy


We take your privacy and its protection with utmost seriousness and restraint. While we wish to offer you the most updated information and provide you the best of our services, we will consciously work towards respecting your privacy and use the information provided by you with utmost care and diligence.

·         We will keep the personal data confidential but may provide information to:

Authorised Personnel, Authorised Agents, Our Management, Our Advisers, Our Auditors, Our Authorised Contractors, Our supporting Partners, and our Authorised service providers in connection with the event and its related services and our operations and other Event Promotions in India. required to make disclosure under applicable laws that govern the right to information as per Indian Laws. 

We are not liable and under no circumstances responsible for l how third parties use information and have no control or authority over the use.


·         Policy Revision

The Policies above may be reviewed, revamped, removed, updated, edited and revised from time to time, its  in your interest should you wish to review it whenever you log in to ensure that it meets with your satisfaction.


·         Consent to use

By ticking on the terms of use and conditions on the app/ website/ digital platform of service, and also by using our digital service in any form, and making an application or visiting our website, you hereby consent to the collection of personal and business information as given in our forms and other activities as outlined in this Statement unless your express consent is otherwise required by the applicable law.

In-case you wish to update the data, or make edits or omit some data, please send your requests in writing to