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We ENGI EXPO are known for organizing India’s Biggest Industrial Exhibition. We have completed four exhibitions from 2016 till now. In our exhibition B2B & B2C communication takes place, i.e. both the seller and the buyer can directly communicate with each other. Our company 2 Way Advertising is one of the leading exhibition organizer. We are fulfilling expectations without excuse.

The industrial exhibition organized by ENGI EXPO covers are the industrial fields such as weighing, welding, cutting, safety, machine tool, automation, process control automation, instrument instrumentation, scientific instruments and glass ware, power tools, hand tools, material handling, construction, electrical, electronics, solar, plastic, printing, packaging, business opportunity, I.T., finance, hardware products, agriculture, automobile and parts, precision, casting, air condition, humidification, ventilation and many more….

Here, both the large and small-scale business gets a chance to grow their business by participating in the exhibition or by visiting the exhibition. We are offering service beyond your expectation.

Benefits of Taking Part in Exhibition:

  • We design ads for your company every month.
  • Your company’s logo will be in our next exhibition brochure.
  • Your company will be included in the directory of the ENGI EXPO.
  • If you are a gold or silver sponsor, your logo will be displayed in every promotional activity of ENGI EXPO.
  • You will get more opportunities for expanding your business.
  • The other executives will come to know about your business.
  • In addition, many more…

What We Provide:

  • We have the concept of different domes for different categories.
  • 10 domes covering different category.
  • The total area covered by our exhibition is 50,000 Sq. mt.
  • We provide free parking & in addition, there are 30 persons to ensure your safe parking.
  • We provide 300+ Stalls from 9 Sq. Mtr. To 72 Sq. Mtr. at ENGIEXPO 2018.
  • We have exhibitors & visitors from across India.
  • 80% Visitors Are B2B Segments & Rest Of 20% Are From B2C+Genral.
  • We will provide loading & unloading facility for all the heavy machines.
  • Conference spaces for next level business meetings are provided.
  • Stall interior agencies available for your stall decoration.
  • 48% exhibitors get new area and horizon for their existing business.
  • 72% Exhibitors get new suppliers as well as vendors.
  • Closing Ceremony Covers Specially Designed Wooden Crafted Memento For All Exhibitors by ENGIEXPO.
  • Total media coverage from social media, cinema ad, hording on prime locations, TV news channels, radio, newspapers and whatsapp marketing, for each and every participant to attract visitors from different locations.
  • We achieve 90% satisfaction ration of participants and visitors.


Our team is very cooperative with our clients. They will help you; guide you if you have any queries related to the exhibition. We have more the 20 experienced staff that will be with you in the whole exhibition for your convenience.


We ENGI EXPO are thankful to our clients and to the visitors of our exhibition for helping us in achieving our targets every year. We will try to make our participants feel more comfortable with our company so that they will be with us in every exhibition & become the part of our company. We are focusing on giving you more and more benefits.


  • Our First exhibition was on January 2016. We started with total 4 Domes & 80+ participants.
  • Our Second exhibition was on February 2017. There were total 6 Domes & approx. 200+ participants.
  • Our Third exhibition was on February 2018. There were total 10 Domes & 250+ participants.
  • Our Fourth exhibition was on January 2019. That ended up with total 10 Domes & 300+ participants.
  • At present, we are planning to be more satisfying than before.

In short, there is a constant and rapid growth of our company. These all happened due to the belief of our clients in us & our whole team. There are maximum clients who participated in every exhibition continuously. Keep trusting us so that we can be beneficial to you. Moreover, we are trying to give our best service & support to the clients.

We have divided different categories in different domes.

  • Weighing scale (electronic weighing scale mfr. & importers, weighing scale body mfr., weighing automation, OEM, Weighing accessories, etc.)
  • Welding / cutting / power tools / safety equipment (Welding machines, Robotic welding machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, Coated abrasives, Industrial power tools, fire safety equipment, etc.)
  • Material handling / construction (Crane, elevator, lifting materials, industrial trollies, wire rope, moving walkways, gear box, roofing materials, etc.)
  • Machine tools / automation (CNC, Workshop machinery, Rolling mill machines, Rubber belts, bearings, powder coating equipment, metal cutting hacksaw, paint, pump,process control automation, instrument instrumentation, scientific instruments and glass ware, etc.)
  • Information Technology / Finance (I.T. consulting, project management, software developer, Google promotion, social marketing network, finance consultant, etc.)
  • Electricals / Electronics (Electric motors, submersible pumps, servo stabilizer, power plant equipment, burner, LED lights, air cooler, CCTV camera, etc.)
  • Plast print pack (Plastic film machine, plastic cutting machine, plastic product making machine, screen-printing machine, packaging machine, lamination machine, etc.)

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