Cutting Tools Exhibition for Manufacturers and Suppliers

In this article we will give a brief introduction about cutting tools exhibition and cutting tools expo and its benefits for manufacturers and suppliers of cutting tools. Here, you will come to know a lot about Cutting Tools and how tools expo can help to grow your business.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  1. What is Cutting Tools?
  2. What are the different types of cutting tools?
  3. Proper Use of Cutting Tools
  4. How to Grow Cutting Tools Business with Cutting Tools Exhibition?
  5. Why Cutting Tools Expo?
  6. Who Organize Cutting Tools Expo?
  7. About Engiexpo?
  8. Benefits of Engiexpo for manufacturers and Suppliers

So, let’s go ahead step by step and know more about cutting tools Expo and its benefits for manufacturers and suppliers.

What is Cutting Tool?

Cutting tool (cutter) is a tool that is used to remove material from the object by the use of trim distortion. Cutting are mainly of 2 types i.e. single-point or multi-point tools.

Single-point tools are used in turning, shaping, planning and similar operations, and remove material by means of one cutting edge. Grinding tools are multi-point tools. Each grain of abrasive functions as a microscopic single-point cutting edge and shears a tiny chip.

Cutting tools are used to cut metals, wood and many other materials. It has sharp edge so that the material can be cut easily.

Different Types of Cutting Tools

So, above we knew about cutting tools now let’s move ahead and know in details about types of cutting tools.

There are many different type of cutting tools available and the cutting tools are classified as follows:

  • Single Point Cutting Tools

Single point cutting tool is very simple kind of tool. Such cutters have only one main cutting edge.

A single-point cutting tool can be used for increasing the size of holes, or boring. Turning and boring are performed on lathes and boring mills.

For example turning tool, boring tool, fly cutter, slotting tool, etc. are included in Singe point cutting tools.

  • Double Point Cutting Tools

A double point cutting tool consists of two cutting edges that can simultaneously engage in cutting or shearing action at a time in a single pass.

Sometime, cutters can be classified into two groups only where double point cutters are also considered as multi point cutters.

For example Drill. Drill is included in double point cutting tools.

Drills may contain more than two flutes also; however, conventional metal cutting drill contains two flutes only.

  • Multi Point Cutting Tools

Multi point cutting tools have two or more than two cutting edges.

Sometime, cutters with two cutting edges are also considered multi-point cutting tools.

Since cutting edge appears at the intersection of rake surface and flank surface, so a set of rake surface and flank surface also exists for each cutting edge.

For Example milling cutters, drills, and broaches. These tools are included in multi-point cutting tools.

Proper Use Of Cutting Tools

Now, after knowing the different types of cutting tools it is also very necessary to know the proper use of cutting tools.

Use of cutting tools requires proper guidance and safety precautions.

However, we all know that cutting tools should be used properly otherwise it can be risky for life too.

So, in this section we would be covering the proper use of cutting tools.

Keep reading! Further there are more important point for the manufacturers and supplier of cutting tools.

Coming back to the point the following are the proper use of cutting tools:

  • As we know Cutting tools have sharp cutting edges. Handling them with bare hands may cause injuries. So prefer using safety gloves before using.
  • If tools are not used properly them inappropriate cutting conditions may cause the tool to break and be expelled from the machine providing risk of injury. So Use tools under recommended cutting conditions.
  • Power load and rapid increase of cutting resistance due to excessive wear may cause the tool to break and be expelled from the machine providing risk of injury. So, always Exchange tools before excessive wear occurs.
  • Using machines and tools with poor balance at high revolutions may cause tools to break providing risk of injuries. Keep checking the machine for vibration, chattering, and abnormal noise.
  • When applying high cutting speed, spare parts and inserts may be expelled due to centrifugal force. Pay special attention on each safety guideline.
  • If machine and tools are not used properly or used for purposes other than the prescribed application it can be damaged. So, use it only for those purpose as prescribed.

How To Grow Cutting Tool Business with Cutting Tools Exhibition?

As comparing to the past few decades there is lot of changes taking place in cutting tool industries. The cutting tools are being more advanced and automatic.

One of big reason for the continued improvement in manufacturing is the constant innovation happening in the industry. Since last few years, manufacturers were referred to using the same cutting tool on all materials, which often troubled their efforts.

But in current scenario, most cutting tool manufacturers offer a range of specialized cutting tools based on the materials manufacturers are cutting.

This allows manufacturers to get cutting tools designed specifically for their needs, which in turn makes the tools more reliable and longer-lasting.

However, have you ever wondered how can a small scale industries involved in manufacturing and supplying of cutting tools will compete with the constant changes?

Is there any way to grow cutting tools business?

Well, the answer is yes!

There are many ways to expand your cutting tool business if you are manufacturer or supplier.

You can do online marketing of your products and business, you can go for offline marketing like hoardings, newspaper ads, radio ads or you can participant in exhibitions.

Among all the above mentioned ways, one of the best way is to participate in exhibition.

Participating in exhibitions will help you a lot in increasing your cutting tool business.

Now the question is what type of exhibition you should look for participating. But have the answer for this too.

You should find an exhibition similar to your categories.

Firstly you should participant in industrial exhibition. Secondly, if there is a cutting exhibition happening then that would be cherry on the cake.

And make sure you participant in your own category exhibition i.e. cutting tools exhibition.

Why Cutting Tools Expo?

After knowing the best way to expand your business is to participate in cutting tool exhibition or any industrial exhibition.

Now the question arise is Why Cutting Tools Expo?

The reason is cutting tool expo is one of the best platform to showcase your products and services with the world.

The cutting tool expo will be very much helpful to small scale and medium scale industries to grow their business.

In Cutting tool exhibition you will find visitor who are interested in your products or who is willing to buy your products.

So, it could result in more profitability of your firm.

Cutting Tool Expo is a one-stop destination to address the manufacturing requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of various industry sectors.

Such show reveals the latest manufacturing technologies and solutions which would enable large industries and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to influence and enrich their manufacturing capabilities.

So, the following were the reasons why cutting tool expo is the best way to grow your business.

Who Organize Cutting Tools Exhibition?

Now, once you think of participating in exhibition the biggest question that comes in mind is who organize cutting tool expo?

How to find if there is any cutting tool exhibition happening?

How to choose the best trade show?

And so on.

So, there are many companies that are engaged in organizing cutting tool expo.

You can search on google “Cutting Tool Expo” you will get the list of companies that are organizing cutting tool exhibition.

After researching everything, you can choose the best expo. All you need to keep in mind is the benefits of that expo, the total qualitative visitors in the expo, and the feedback of the participants of the expo and the most important thing is the charge of participation in the exhibition.

And guess what? Engiexpo provides all these benefits that any small or large business search in exhibitions.

We can say that Engiexpo is one of the best industrial exhibition organizers in India.


After knowing that Engiexpo is one of the best industrial exhibition organizers in India.

Let’s know more in detail about Engiexpo.

Engiexpo is one of the biggest industrial exhibition organizers in India.

We have completed 4 successful exhibition till now and we are upcoming with the 5th, 6th, and 7th Mega Industrial Exhibition in Rajkot, Vadodara and Ahmedabad.

We organize subjective exhibitions and cover all the industrial categories like Welding, cutting, weighing, safety, machine tools, power tools, hand tools, material handling, construction, electrical, electronics, plastic, I.T., finance, and many more.

Engiexpo is providing a platform to all the small and large scale industries to expand their business to national and international level. At Engiexpo we have 80% renewal ratio and 100 & satisfied clients.

Benefits of Engiexpo for manufacturers and Suppliers

Well, as mentioned below that Engiexpo is best industrial exhibition organizers in India.

The most important question you might be thinking about the benefits of Engiexpo for manufacturers and suppliers.

Yes, there are lot of benefits of Engiexpo. Let know about all the benefits step by step.

The following are the benefits of Engiexpo for manufacturers and suppliers:

  • The rate of stall is very reasonable.
  • The manufacturers and suppliers can demonstrate their products with the audience.
  • There are 10,000+ qualitative visitors from across India.
  • There are subjective domes so that each and every category can get equal weight-age.
  • Changes of business growth at national and international level.
  • High Profit Margin.
  • Promotions before and after cutting tools exhibition.
  • Social media promotion facility is provided to generate hot leads.
  • Logo will appear in every brochure and participant directory.
  • Online marketing of your company.

Thus, these are the benefits of Engiexpo for manufacturers and suppliers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join with Engiexpo and get famous among your competitors and grow your business at national level.

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